And the winner is…

At the beginning of the month we had hosted a little contest on who could guess the weight, length, and birth date of little Melissa Jane Rich.  Well she decided to say hello to Mom and Dad last week and we now have our winners.  Yes, winners, because no one got everything correct.


Melissa Jane Rich

Born July 8th, 2009

8 lbs 7 oz 21 inches

People who got the birth date correct – Nate and Monica (some inside info?), Stephanie (who joined the contest on July 7th at 9:43pm)

People who got the length correct – Monica (again with the inside info), Bekki, and Chris (oh snap, that’s me!)

And the winner of the one that I think is hardest to predict, little MJ’s weight – Pat with a guess of 8lbs 6oz.

Great job everyone.  Now it is up to Karissa to figure out who she wants to give the prize to.  Congratulations to Nate and Monica, you both have a beautiful daughter to treasure forever.  We can’t wait to meet her!

A little game


Our dear friends Nate and Monica are expecting a baby girl any day now.  We are so excited to meet this little girl, but we will have to be satisfied with pictures for now as they live on the East Coast.  Nate has been a great friend for many years and I am delighted that he is now a daddy. (We are still not sure how he landed such a great wife!)  The official due date is July 2nd so if you are going to play in this little game, you might have to act fast.  For Monica’s sake, I am hoping this is a really short contest.

I thought it would be fun to see who can come closest to guessing the baby girl’s birth weight and length.  In case you don’t know Nate and Monica, I have this picture of the two of them from their wedding, nearly two years ago.  So good luck, I will announce the results as soon as I get them.  Unfortunately there is no trip to Vegas as a prize, simply the joy in knowing that your mad prediction skills won you a contest.

So whether you know Nate and Monica or not, go ahead and leave a comment indicating your guess on the baby’s birth weight and length.  Closest to the pin wins.  Good Luck!