Our fall family pumpkin adventure

  • Gearing up for our annual family pumpkin adventure with Dee Dee and Buzz and this year Isaac too!

    Kyler was serious in his anticipation of the tractor ride to the pumpkin field…

    But once we got there, he warmed up and had some lovin’ for his mama…

    Watching Caleb run free in the tall weeds, I told Christopher “If that boy had land and tasks every day, he’d probably never have another tantrum”. He is SO happy being free to roam and having a job to do-can you find him in this picture?

    His job? Finding tiny pumpkins hidden under huge leaves!

    Rylee loved the tire swing and wore out Dee Dee asking to be pushed…

    Puckering up for a fly-by kiss for Mama

    That’s about it-good fun had by all…what about number four? Not to be forgotten, Audrey enjoyed the day snuggled up with her Daddy in the frontpack!

    “It’s amazing!”

    I was in the driveway and heard the kids screaming, at the top of their little lungs-“It’s amazing, it’s amazing mom, come look!” They came running towards me, to show me the amazing thing.

    Caleb ‘caught’ this bee in our lavender in the front yard. He was so proud. It was amazing how beautiful this little creature was and that Caleb held it on his finger for 15 minutes.

    He won’t look up at me for the picture, too engaged with the bee!


    Caleb: “Mom, can I look up your nose?”

    Me: “Sure.”

    Caleb: “Ewww Mom, there’s a booger way up there, use your finger to get it out!”

    Me: “No, I like to use kleenex.”

    Caleb: “I love to get boogers with my fingers and wipe them all over the wall.”

    Lovely. Boys. A kind of their own.

    A Little Olympic Fever

    So Caleb and I were watching a bit of the Olympics tonight and after watching some of the Chinese gymnasts on the uneven bars, Caleb says “Dad, can you do that?”  Of course I said, “no way.”  Then he says “wow, I think you have to be superman to do that!”  Immediately following that routine, NBC goes to commerical break and there is this interesting Bud Light commercial involving a woman drinking a Bud Light that now comes with “x-ray vision”.  WIth this ability she is able to see the muscular construction worker as if he was not wearing a shirt.  Then a rotund fella walks in front of the muscular guy and of course the woman sees more of him than she bargained for.  Caleb says “Dad, why are those guys not wearing clothes?  They’re not being respectable”  As I was happy to see the commercial come to a close, we were then greeted with an ad involving hundreds of sumo wrestlers.  Thinking I was going to get a similar comment from Caleb he said nothing until they all left the ground and gracefully began to fly.  “How are those guys flying Daddy?”  By the way, watching hundreds of sumo wrestlers (in your typical sumo garb) taking flight is quite entertaining.  Two more reasons to limit our kiddos TV watching to shows like Curious George.


    Caleb on “God”

    We are reading a bedtime story tonight about Peter and John healing the man crippled from birth.

    Caleb: “How can Peter heal when he’s not God?”

    Me (thinking, great question): “God fills him up with power and it is God’s power that heals the man through Peter.”

    Caleb: “Yup, God’s filling me up right now”

    Me (anticipating ‘love’ or ‘kindness’): “With what?”

    Caleb: “Gas”.

    Me (now trying not to laugh): “Gas?”

    Caleb: “Yes, God’s filling me up with gas right now”

    We have some more teaching to do obviously…..

    Tummy Rules

    From time to time Caleb spends extra time at the table for a meal.  Usually it is just because he is being stubborn and doesn’t want to eat his meal.  One time he sat at the table so long during lunch it was time for dinner.  He has been quite creative in describing what is going on.  The most recent quote is “I want to eat it but my tummy doesn’t.”  One time he described his predicament by saying “My food keeps taking a right when it needs to be going straight down into my tummy.”  I love that his little mind comes up with these funny things.