Sweet Kyler

Near the end of Mother’s Day, we thought it would be great to get all the kids tucked into bed and then watch a movie.  The plan – I would head to the local Red Box with Kyler and Karissa would get Audrey down (Rylee and Caleb were already tucked in for the night having made the choice to forgo naps).  I got to the Red Box with Kyler and was about to rent Benjamin Button, when I thought I should give Karissa a call because there was one other movie that I thought she might prefer – next thing I know Kyler is happy as can be having pulled “Bride Wars” out of the Red Box and heading back to the van.

We return home and find out that Audrey is still up, apparently choosing to forgo sleep.  We get Kyler into bed and then start the movie.  We figured she would fall asleep in our arms sooner than later.  As it turned out she was a little ball of energy for the entire movie.  Talking away, playing with Maggie, and snuggling with mama and daddy.  She was even more entertaining than the movie.  Near the end of the movie I was able to get Audrey tucked in and finally had all four babes in bed…so we thought.

I come down the hall to hear Karissa say: “Where’s Kyler?” with a fairly concerned tone.  I immediately rush to his room, open the door, and see our sweet boys both in bed sleeping away.  I look to Karissa to try to figure out what put her on alert and follow her to the kitchen where I saw this scene:

Exhibit A


Two unopened and melted popsicles found on the kitchen floor in front of the freezer.

Exhibit B

A binkie left behind at the scene and a knife taken from a drawer in the kitchen that was left open.  Presumably, the knife was used to unsuccessfully open the aforementioned popsicles.

Apparently while we were watching the movie, trying to hear it over the sound of Audrey laughing and squealing Kyler had quietly snuck out of bed, down the hall, into the kitchen to find something to eat.  Like any two year old, he went straight for the grape popsicles.  Unfortunately for him, his sweet little hands were not able to get either of the popsicles out of the package.  So he got a knife out of the drawer and after a CSI worthy investigation we’ve concluded that he unsuccessfully tried to cut open the popsicles.  How do we know it was him, you ask?  Note the binky on the table.  As Kyler is the only kiddo in the house who is into binkies, the evidence mounts up against him.



I don’t think you can rule out the possibility that one of the other kids is trying to frame Kyler for their crime…


I did consider that, but with my sleuthing skills I deduced Rylee and Caleb both would not have been thwarted by the popsicle wrappers.


OK, that is absolutely hysterical! Although at the sight of the knife my adrenalin is still going… Oh, how I remember those days with Elise where she would stay up for hours like that. We’re finally done with those and for the most part she only wakes up once or twice at night… Here’s to a good night of sleep for you all tonight!




I think the key piece of evidence that points to Kyler is the KNIFE….even more than the binks!!


That is hilarious!! That little kyler boy!! 🙂

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