Sunshine and cousins

We hustled our buns this morning to get our morning school work done so we could go for a walk down our favorite trail.  The nice, clear, blue sky/cool air days are such a delight.  Having a cousin to share them with is even better.

sept 09 078

Audrey was a little sad that she didn’t have a stick like her buddy Isaac. But she found one then continued her ‘baby chatter’ with her cousin.

sept 09 086

How sweet are they?  They are so their own little people already.  Audrey throws fits over what shoes to wear.  Isaac finds danger at every possible opportunity.  Audrey’s face crumples if you look at her sternly.  Isaac is so tough that he does remarkably well ‘wrestling’ with his big boy cousins.

We thought it would be fun to have same-gendered cousins since they would be 6 weeks apart in age…but wow, we both feel abundantly blessed to share our lives with these two little people.   They are both such perfect gifts to our families!

sept 09 062

“Got my pink shoes, my pink kitty, my pink jacket and my favorite lovey-what a lovely walk!”

sept 09 068

“Got my stick.  What else is there?”

sept 09 091

It is possible this one needs a haircut.  But man is his straight, soft hair so handsome.

sept 09 094

And this one?  He was carefully holding his treasure in the lid to my coffee, a super fuzzy caterpillar that he brought home with us today (he also-unknowingly-brought a shoe covered with fresh dog poop into the van, that was fun).



Oh my, how sweet are those two together! It is finally fall down here so I don’t feel so left out when I see your beautiful fall photos. I just saw you are reading the well-trained mind – how do you like it? Tom and I just started reading it (thanks to Kim’s recommend) and we love it!


Thanks for the fun walk. Isaac loves his cousins!


Lol on the dog poop part! That sucks though! Glad you guys got to hang out– wish I could’ve come!