Summer bucket list

Last summer was the first year we did this and it was great fun.  You know how summer always sneaks up and then passes way too fast?  And you didn’t get half the fun stuff done you’d hoped?  Well, enter the summer bucket list!

Over the weekend we brainstormed and dreamed up all the things that sounded like good ideas for our summer break.  Many are free and most are doable for our family or they wouldn’t have made the list.  Last summer we probably had 30+ things on there and crossed off 25 or so.  But even if we don’t get to it all, it’s just plain wonderful to have a list that sits on the fridge with ideas and inspiration for seizing the sunny days!  I try hard to remind myself it’s not a “to-do” list, it’s an adventure list with the only goal being to make memories and facilitate family fun.

Normally I’d give myself several weeks after our home schooling wraps up next Friday but since by end of summer I’ll be close to nine months pregnant, we’re diving right in here and putting things on the docket straight away!  Here’s our list:

1.  slip and slide on the back lawn (mom’s add-on idea?  dueling slip and slides next to each other!)

2.  go to Flower World for a picnic at their pond, feed ducks and visit with their family farm animals and maybe get a popsicle from the market there if it’s hot out!

3.  hike at Lord Hill Farms (with goats just for fun – this is a great close in hike that doesn’t require a long drive and isn’t super strenuous, hence making the “pregnant mama and 5 kids can do it” category!)

4.  go to Jetty Island for the day (a man made giant sandbar with a free ferry ride as its only access)

5.  explore Edmonds Beach at low tide

6.  visit our friends in Bellingham

7.  Daddy and oldest kids climb Mt. Pilchuck

8.  pick strawberries

9.  pick raspberries

10.  pick blueberries

11.  make jam

12.  camp in the backyard

13.  do a VBS somewhere

14.  possibly host exchange students like last summer

15.  show goats at Silvana Fair (if you have younger kids, this one day FREE fair is a tremendously delightful, family-friendly event, much smaller than the big state fairs)

16.  show goats at Evergreen State Fair

17.  rebuild the chicken coop

18.  Caleb and Kyler build bunk beds for sisters’ American Girl dolls

19.  clear a path to the lower creek

20.  go to the Snohomish Farmer’s Market

21.  play on the new playset

22.  host a sewing party to make pillowcase dresses for little girls in poverty

I’m sure we will add on as summer dawns but this was our first blush effort at a list – hope it’s helpful to share it and that you can come up with your own fantastic ideas for making the most of the warmer days.  Feel free to add any ideas you want to share in the comments!



I would like to add hang out with my awesome sister. 🙂


awww, thanks – that makes me smile. totally looking forward to a more open schedule and time to do stuff with you guys!