Summer Bucket List 2014

Too easily the days pass right on by and before we know it, fall is knocking on the door.  So, we make a list.  It’s a collective effort by each member of our family, everyone gets to chime in on what they want us to do!

  1. Go to Birch Bay
  2. Campout with cousins
  3. Go to Edmonds beach
  4. Play outside
  5. Go kayaking
  6. Go swimming in a lake
  7. Climb Mt Pilchuk
  8. Take the free ferry to Jetty Island
  9. Pick strawberries
  10. Pick raspberries
  11. Pick blueberries
  12. Keep training Willow to pull the cart
  13. Sleep through the night (um, mama might have put that on the list on Liberty’s behalf!)
  14. Paint kids bedrooms fun colors
  15. Go to the Silvana Fair with our goats
  16. Show goats at Evergreen State Fair
  17. Have a summer party
  18. Go fishing
  19. Build a treehouse
  20. Host a kids creation camp
  21. Camp in tents in the backyard
  22. Find new ways to cook whole chicken
  23. Make a path into the forest
  24. Start kids’ egg selling business
  25. Learn how to make goat milk soap



Hello, Lovely Karissa! Just wanted to say – if you are interested in sharing any of these expeditions w/ anyone . . . we’d love to join! 😉 Berry picking? Edmonds beach (we actually lived in Edmonds for a few years)? 🙂 If you’d want some company . . . we’re in!!
Blessings on your summer!