…are almost done but I’d been meaning to put a post up about some places we like around here in case anyone is interested.

Dues Berry Farm in Marysville: no-spray farm, small berries this year and because of our lack of sun they were not crazy sweet but still good.  Cost $1.50 a pound and they often have some pre-picked for sale at the farm stand nearby too if you go picking with your five kids 8 and under and carry one 17 pound baby in the front pack making in near impossible for you to bend down to the plants….or you know, if you just want some good berries fresh for a good price (smile).

Harvold’s Berry Farm in Carnation: they do spray fungicide on their berries here, cost is $1.00 a pound and I’ve picked here most years since I was about 6 weeks old.  Serious.  Ask my mom.  Sweetest little lady is there every year running the place.

Boelles Organic Farm in Monroe: organic, so obviously no spray/chemicals here.  Haven’t gone yet this year but might next week for fun with the littles while the bigs are at VBS.  Yes, that is honestly my idea of fun.  Don’t know the price this year here, but it is always more than others, but very nice berries.

Biringer Berry Farm in Arlington also has excellent strawberries, we picked about 20 pounds last year and bought 10 pounds more of ‘seconds’ for very cheap and quickly made them into jam.  Worth the drive.

For more ideas on where to go, I have used the pickyourown website dozens of times and found all sorts of places to go.  And instructions on what to do with all your bounty too!


Tom & Kristin McKinnon

Yum yum yummmm! I cannot find a single place in Kitsap with u-pick strawberries. The only place doesn’t have enough berries this year to open. I hope to make it over there and pick some before they are gone!! (And hopefully I’ll grow some of my own next year…)