Stories…a favorite part of homeschool

I love books.

I love writing.

I love words.

I love watching my kids fall in love with the written word more each day.  We are spending a LOT of time reading.  I am continuously surprised at how much time they can sit and listen to me read to them.  Sometimes, I wish they were ready for a break and my mouth gets tired.  But I love it.

One of the highlights for me right now is is the time Rylee and I are spending going through First Language Lessons by Jessie Wise.  It’s one of the few things she’s doing on her own since she and Caleb are at close to the same level in most areas.

Part of that learning and part of what we were already doing this fall before I started with that book is having her write (by dictating to me) stories.  It is so fun to hear what comes out of her mind.  This is a little story of her’s from this summer:

Once upon a time in a land far, far away there was a rose.  The rose loved his land and his other friends the flowers.  And his mom one day told him he could soon go out for a date with one of his friends.  For their date they went to the church and danced and had beautiful cake that was made by the rose’ mom.

And one day they were going outside and you know what they saw? A huge rose, that was their grandpa, and a smaller rose-that one was their grandma.  And they went out on a date with both of them.  Then the rose went home and had a lovely, lovely cup of tea and went to bed.

Then he went to bed and woke up and stretched and woke up to a HUGE puppy that was so loud and he took care of the puppy all day.  Then he had another lovely cup of tea and went to bed.



What a special story!! Tell Rylee I loved reading it! It is great you are writing these down for your kids to read later in life. I’ve got to start doing that more.


That is SO precious. She is so creative.