Square foot gardening

Two years ago a girlfriend and I attended a fantastic seminar on gardening with God.  It was full of spiritual and practical information on growing things and how God grows us.  Last year we did our best to grow what we could with the space we had but didn’t have fantastic yield or results.  Not ever enough for a meal, except for maybe the carrots and snap peas.  It was a very cool summer for us and that didn’t help my novice gardening much either.

I remembered a book that had been recommended, called Square Foot Gardening by Mel Bartholomew.  The premise of the book is basically:

If you want to grow more vegetables-and flowers-in less space, this book is for you.  You’ll no longer have to worry about weeds and fertilizers.  It is the best method for someone who wants good veggies with the least amount of work.

I’m not quite finished reading it but my has it lit my gardening fire!  I am making lists (a bit late granted, but I did just have a baby!) and calling around checking on dirt prices and hoping we can grow enough food for at least some of our summer/fall meals to come.  Though we are still plugging along with homeschool from now till the end of May or early June, the garden endeavor will be a big part of our summer learning and family life.  I am so looking forward to it all…now back to our history lessons for the day!

But real quick, here’s a great article on starting your own backyard garden revolution, even if you don’t have much space or you think its too hard or you don’t have time…maybe it will inspire you to simply try growing some herbs on your patio or a tomato plant in a pot.  Baby steps are better than none – there’s nothing so satisfying as serving up food that you grew yourself!



You got me thinking about gardening. (Can you tell I’m on a real computer today?!) I might ask my in-laws to use part of their gardening area if they aren’t going to plant it all. Either way, can’t wait to buy/pick fresh seasonal produce…berries have got to be coming soon, haven’t they… (there is so much sun here that I know I’m dreaming, but sun has to come to the NW someday)