Serious mama/photo skills here…and they’re not mine!

We recently reconnected with the little sister of someone we went to high school with.  She lives in Arkansas but travels to Seattle often, she’s hoping to build a client base here as she comes home to visit family more often now that she’s a new mom.  So, here is my unashamed plug for her photo skills.  We could not pick one or two, we instead ordered the CD of all our photos so we can have lots of fun with them….and put them on the blog (among other things!).

Photographing four busy children 6 and under is a major feat.  All in different directions and all with their own opinions about what they think they should be doing.  Alicia was patient and caught so many sweet moments through her lens.  I have perused our photos dozens of times and today sat crying at my computer, overwhelmed by the beautiful little people God has entrusted us with.  Even though they’ve been throwing up since Monday and I have scarcely slept in 3 days, I still like them.  A lot.  We will be forever glad we spent the money and shared a morning with Alicia of  NW Photography Works.

Here are my favorites…

audie close up
kyler close up
caleb close up
rylee close up
cute toes!
i DO love my brother
four close
kyler helping audie
kyler's eyes
audie color

caleb and his stick
rylee girlie
four walking on bridge



Oh my goodness! They are beautiful! And so are the pictures. You are truly blessed. The photos are a treasure. Does she come to Michigan? :^)


Oh man. They are so beautiful!! I’m so impressed that she captured Kyler boy actually smiling – – no small task 🙂 I definitely need some prints!!


How about Arizona – will she come here too?! WAY adorable. My favorites are the four on the bridge and the four smiling!!


Thanks for the plug! I admire the fact that you have to tackle these adorable balls of energy everyday, I just did it for a couple of hours so I need no praise. Really it went better than I expected when you said “how do you feel about tackling 4 under 6?”. So thank you again and really one of my favorite shoots to date! They were fun, tiresome but fun! 🙂 It was a pleasure to provide you with memories for a lifetime. That is why I love what I do!