Some random pics (now that I can upload again!)

I lost the camera cord several weeks ago so pictures have been captive on my camera, which I don’t like!  So here are a few ones that tell you what we’ve been up to…

the boys, waiting patiently for the rest of the fam, at my parents timeshare near Mt Baker
folding laundry may not be my strong suit, but that makes for a great pile to play in!
waiting for our plane to take us away from rain to the sunshine
Rylee making sure she knows the safety procedures
Caleb even helped with Audrey on the plane, it was precious
Enjoying some seriously good burgers, all 9 of us!
The zoo trip was possibly a low point during our Phoenix trip-it was hot, Kyler's face says it all.
Sisters-riding a little statue horse-sweetest little things!
This is what Audrey looks like at 3 AM when she decides to get up for a couple hours. She didn't sleep great on our trip but it was still worth it!
Audrey, in the dark kitchen, doing art at 4 AM in Arizona



The picture of the kids looking out the window at the airport is fantastic! The one with Rylee studying the brochure is a great one too.

Kristin McKinnon

Love the photo of the sisters together. And the burger photo is great!!! I had no idea Audrey could be so artistic so early in the morning. Kyler was a trooper.