Soaking in the love

Somehow these Monday gratitude posts are all I seem to manage these days…must be the last month of pregnancy, trying to help sick kids get well, keeping (sort of) caught up with homeschool and, well, I think that’s really all!  All I can manage at the moment at least.  After a very healthy, uneventful pregnancy, this past week my blood pressure went up a fair bit and there were concerns about the baby’s health so I’ve been trying to be on “modified bed rest” as directed.  My goodness is that hard with 4 loves running around my house!  But the best part of a unexpected things like that is the way those around us rise to the occasion so that’s what my list centers around today:

#348 – bursting into tears upon hearing the sound of a best friends’ voice on my phone after too long

#349 – the same precious friend and her number 6 baby belly next to my number 5 baby belly

#350 – the dinners and treats and ‘love muffins’ she drove a long ways to bring me

#351 – my mom and sister checking up on me every day

#352 – my sisters’ willingness to do even the tiniest thing if it will help knowing that it all spells L-O-V-E

#353 – another friend also driving a long ways to help this week

#354 – my gem of a brother-in-law willing to do my Costco run for me

#355 – seeing justice play out in an honorable way

#356 – going to sleep thinking of baby names

#357 – the snuggles that go along with sick little ones

#358 – an amazing mama who makes for a crazy fun Nana to my children

#359 – getting to peek at baby today by ultrasound

#360 – being caught up on laundry and dishes…at the SAME time!

#361 – peace and the reality that the outcome of the little and big things in my life don’t rest in my hands



What a precious list. It makes me emotional!! Oh, to think you’ll have five loves that you can SEE soon! We are praying number 5 comes at just the right time and in the best possible way. 🙂


Did you take a picture of #349? That would be just the cutest picture of the two of you! Wishing lots of ease and relaxation in the home stretch!


Oooh, yes we DID Mina! Soon as Kim sends it to me I’ll add it to the post!!!


I will! I will send it to you! By tonight, if I can get to it 🙂 Thanks for your list, it made me cry too. Yesterday was magical. love you!


Seriously cannot wait to snuggle that little baby niece or nephew. And, kiss his or her little “Ruby cheeks.” xoxoxo


LOVE the photo! What a special memory.