Smoothie = ice cream = brilliance

Smoothies are my nutrition standby.  Completely worth the effort and mess.  There is no limit to what I can hide in them (except broccoli, that was a bad one).  While our kids eat obscene amounts of fruit they are more choosy with veggies.  Enter the almighty smoothie.

And what could be better than a smoothie?

Putting more ice in the blender and calling it sorbet, or ice cream.

My two more tentative smoothie drinkers could not say no to my delicious purple ‘ice cream’ today.  And by cream I do not mean half and half or milk or anything, I use kefir or coconut milk or yogurt to get the creaminess.  We took a straw poll and the ice cream wins hands down over the smoothie.

Brilliant use of words and ice in my book.

They didn’t complain a whit about the flaxseed oil, spinach, pumpkin seed protein powder, avocado or kale.  Instead the POM juice, blueberries, coconut milk and frozen banana chunks won out.  No sugar or honey required.

If only I could come up with a solution to the awful cold headache that comes from eating cold stuff way, way too fast!



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