Slim in 6 for all

The pressure of having posted here about my goals to start the infomercial workout program that I recently bought proved enough to motivate me to do it today even though I had the pleasure of babysitting my nephew all day in addition to my own four little peeps.  Wow it was busy but fun and we’ll totally do it again.  We even snuck in a good bit of homeschool today too, little Isaac should have a good handle on the story of Ruth.  We also read to him about Abraham and Isaac from the Bible.  He seemed a bit worried but was relieved when it worked out all right in the end.  He also sat in Rylee’s lap while she worked in her handwriting book.

After his departure, despite being a bit more tired than normal, I was determined to hunker down and bust open the DVD that has sat for many long weeks unopened on my dresser.  Of course 3 of 4 kids were awake so I cheerfully offered for them to work out with me.  They promptly stripped down to their underwear (don’t ask me why) and lined up with me.  They were slow to get started but about when I was starting to wonder if I’d make it through the 26 minutes, they were full steam ahead.  And just at the end when I was muddling through some wicked crunches I heard a click and whipped my head around to find Christopher taking pictures.  He was home early from work.  What a lovely surprise!

Here are some anecdotes from our family workout session…

The lady on the screen announces it’s ‘time for crunches’ and I groan, hoping to survive for 5 more long minutes but my lanky little 6 year old  says energetically:

“I LOVE these, you can keep it on and I’ll do these all day.”

Attempting squats and being quite squaty himself –  Kyler:  “This one so tricky” (falls to the ground)

Caleb:  “Mom, you do it like this, you’re doing it wrong.”  (I almost respond “I’m just trying to not hurt myself!”)

Rylee:  “Breathe mom, you’re not breathing.”

Simultaneously:  “This is so easy.” (Caleb)  “This is so hard.” (Mama)

Mama (shrieking) – “Put that camera away right now!!!”

We’ll see if I can move tomorrow but Day 1 is in the books.  And yes I did eat more than 5 peanut M & M’s today.  And yes I did drink 5 shots of coffee and drink 2 Yerba Mate energy teas.  Yes I did run through the McDonald’s drive through just to get some chicken nuggets on the way home from the park with all 5 little people.

But I’ve got to start somewhere right?

And since my husband will post this picture if I don’t, here is what he captured as he silently entered the house this evening…

sept 09 016



That is the cutest picture!! I wish I had some little buddies to work out with me 🙂 I’m seriously considering the ab rocket….we’ll see! Good for you, Karissa!

Kristin McKinnon

I cannot believe what HILARIOUS things your kids say. I am rolling. How kind of Christopher to take that photo for you!!! Hey, we had chicken nuggets for lunch today too…but I’m not telling anyone else we had hotdogs at Costco for dinner.


Too cute! They are all so big! They seem like they are going to be great little motivating personal trainers for you! Great picture!


I just came across your blog from Mckmama’s not me listings. I love all that I am reading- I too, am a mom of 4, homeschooling, and trying to get into a “work out”. We purchased P90X, and like you, I invited my kids to do the videos with me. My 6 year old absolutely put me to shame!!!!! I made it through 3 full weeks, and plan to get back now that school has gotten into a “normal” flow!!! I will certainly be coming back as a follower!!!


I also wish I would have such kids who can work out with me though!! Anyway, I keep wondering to myselt why you had your kids undress their pants?? I have little information on homeschooling at all because there is none of homeschooling in Korea. Is it a kind of discipline that you train your kids as a part of homeschooling??