Sleepy but still thankful

#417 – 430

bouncing on the exercise ball calming a baby with a binky snuggled up in the Bjorn (how I spend HOURS each day currently!)

boys who love books and wait patiently for my help

girls who play in their room and make a disastrous mess but have a hoot together

all the people who keep telling me “don’t worry about being behind on school, it will all work out. Your all learning life lessons that are just as valuable.  Give yourself some more grace….”

how the almost 5 year old still can’t say motorcycle….only “murdercycle”

grinning mischief smiles whilst saying “BUTler, what’s a BUTler again, I forgot?!”

the will to cross ‘cheerios’ off the Costco list and though bleary-eyed, making protein packed muffins instead for breakfasts this week – knowing it ultimately will make for better mornings and happier bellies


a little girl who won’t let us forget to read the Bible every night, even when we’re tempted to skip out for sleep

lots of dark hours awake in the night to pray and catch up on my memorization

how deeply a grown-up daughter heart (feeling more than a bit ‘less than’ at the moment) can be blessed by words on raising children from her dad

What you do is so profound and critical to the heart of God.  There is almost nothing more sacred…

God’s overflowing grace that covers all the less-than-godly moments that take place here

wondering who this little darling, fussy baby boy will grow up to be



praying for you……this too shall pass as you well know.when i have tough nights I often sit on my ball bouncing Eli, while nurisng thinking of you and how I CAN do this, Karissa has done far more with such grace and ease….Let me know if I can do anything


School? What is that??!!! We just had our 3rd baby and this is our first year hschooling. By God’s grace alone our children have flourished despite our lack of schedule or “lessons”. I think right now they are learning bigger lessons of patience, love, sharing, respect etc…and so am I.

I keep telling myself that this is such a short season of life and despite lack of sleep etc, I need to be thankful! I love your lists, love them!

God Bless! I’ll pray for you tonight in the wee hours when I am up with Miss Penny. 🙂


Hmmm….a ball … I need one of those?! Maybe I will add it to my list 🙂 The ‘murdercycle’ thing slays me. Reese always called them “suicycles”….right along the same lines, wouldn’t you say?!