Sleeping and eating

That is pretty much the only thing on my Audrey’s agenda here at home. She went to bed at 8:30 last night and it is now 9:30 the next morning and she is still sleeping. She woke up to eat all night then went back to sleep right away. We are so very happy to be home. I slept in her room last night to make sure she was doing okay and so that I had some chance of sleeping myself, which was wonderful.

So the scoop from here is that Audrey will have to go back for some tests next Monday to make absolutely sure her body is infection-free. It is an unpleasant test, one that required several different people to complete last time, so hopefully this time it goes better. They did a sensitivity test in the hospital to ensure that they put her on the right antibiotic, so we are glad to know that as well. The bacteria she had was resistant to some antibiotics they tested with, which is again a reminder that we have to be so careful not to use antibiotics unless absolutely necessary as bacteria are mutating to become resistant to our arsenal of antibiotics.

Here are some things we would welcome your prayers for from here on out:

1. That the urinary reflux she was born with would not get worse but that she would grow out of it with time as has been our hope since she was born, there is a small chance it would require surgery to repair it in years to come if it doesn’t get better.

2. That the antibiotics would eliminate all infection in her kidneys and that we would discern the best possible plan of action in terms of medication for the next year for her.

3. For as smooth as possible test next week making sure she is recovered completely.

4. That the damage to her kidneys from such a severe infection would be minimal, we will follow up on this at Children’s Hospital.

My big praise is that now she is rejecting the bottle and is nursing again-my heart was so broken thinking of her weaning at the hospital, it was just too much, and I am so glad we are back to normal there!

Thank you Jenna for the yummy dinner last night, it was the perfect coming home food. Maybe you can post the recipe? I ate it again, cold, for breakfast and it was just as good as last night!



Im glad she is sleeping so well. Im glad you enjoyed dinner, It is one of our favorites, I got if off another blog:) I will try to post the recipe. We will be praying for your whole family especially you and miss Audrey.I cant wait to catch up soon


yay, yay, yay!! i am so glad to hear such good news! i’ll be praying things return to normal as quick as possible. lots of love from nash.


I feel all warm and cozy knowing you are all home…
Love you1