Sink baths

“Don’t climb out!” (shrieking and giggles) “No, come back I’m trying to give you a bath” (more giggles) “Kyler, don’t touch it, it’s mine”

I’m listening to this commotion from Rylee’s room as I am holding her in my lap while she sobs for her Daddy. One of his shirts ended up in her laundry basket and while she was putting her clothes away, she pulled it out and started crying-I asked what was wrong she said with tears streaming down her face-“When I picked up Daddy’s shirt, it made me think of him and I wished he was here with me.” Wow, I was amazed that our emotional bent begins at this early age. From the sound of her quivering voice you’d have thought her Dad was gone forever. It made me cry, we wiped each other’s tears and hugged some more.

Back to the ruckus in the bathroom, I thought I’d better check it out, this is what I found:


Kristin McKinnon

What a sweet AND hilarious story, all at once! Does that describe what your life is like, perfectly, or what?! I can’t wait until Elise gets old enough so I’m not the only girl sharing her emotions. 🙂


Oh, sweet Rylee. Those boys….they are 100% boy!! I love it. I don’t know what it is with me waking up in the night unable to sleep, and posting on the blog! sheesh! I’m try and head back to bed. Love you.


Oh that is so sweet. I sure miss you all! And I must agree those boys are 100% boy. I hope you all are doing well! Say hello to the kids for me and give them a hug as well!