Simple summer fun

She’s carrying her seventh baby blessing and I recently miscarried our sixth.  We have quite the clan of little people when our tribes are together.  When she comes I feel no pressure at all to clean house or hide all the laundry.  We both educate our children at home so during the year we have less time for these lazy sorts of days but oh my goodness do we enjoy them when they come.  Last Thursday was one of those that we never wanted to end….

and my all time favorite summer photo (possibly ever) because it seems to exude everything ‘summer’?



Im so so sorry for the lose of your 6th sweet baby…very sad…but excited to hear you are saying “yes” to more.your home an dheart has so much room for more little blessings.


You are too sweet Jenna, thank you.


I too am so sorry for you loss. It is so hard and one of the hardest things my husband and I have gone through in our marriage. May you feel God’s mercy and grace during this time.


Thanks Beth – it is hard and I waited a while to even share because I know some people wouldn’t understand the sadness given that we are already very blessed in the children department 🙂


Love this blog so much, and your brutal (brutal!) honesty. And the pic of Ari makes me laugh like a maniac every single time. <3


Me too. I cannot possibly look at it without giggling. If a picture is a thousand words, what in the word would he be saying?


Oh how I love reading your blog! What amazing pictures too!
I am so very sorry for your loss.
We love you all and miss you guys.