Simple pleasures

Kyler (with a big sigh at breakfast this morning):  “Mama, can I fwim in that?”

Mama (loving he still can’t say s-blend words, it’s so darn cute): “Swim where, in what?”

Kyler: “In that bottle of honey.  It just looks so good.”

Mama: “It might be sticky to swim in honey.”

Kyler: “Yeah.  Okay.  But it’d be so fun.  So yummy.”


Kids all playing with a train track they built, together.  Without fighting.  Bliss.


The fact it took me almost two hours – from grinding beans to pouring my first cup – to make a pot of coffee for myself.  The momentary interruptions of life with small children never cease to amaze me.  But wow, that first cup is pretty amazing.  I’m in love with Peets Coffee.  A new discovery for me and pure, strong, YUM.  I was thinking about giving up coffee in the new year.

Not a good idea.  Not even going to try it.


Pondering the sweetheart of a girl Rylee is and though her sass sometimes gets her in trouble, her tenderness brings me to tears.  Yesterday when my sister was too sick to go to work which meant we wouldn’t have my nephew here for the day, she was so bummed her cousin wasn’t coming for the day.  She pestered me every 5 minutes until I called my sister.  This was what finally got me to pick up the phone:

Mama, since DeeDee is so sick and Isaac is there just playing by himself, don’t you think we should call and offer to go pick him up so that all she has to worry about is herself?

Melt my heart instantly.  Of course we should.  And of course we did, we piled in the van and scooped up little Isaac and enjoyed him for the morning.  He and Audrey played peek-a-boo in the curtains off and on all morning.  And his mama got some sleep.

Life is so simple to a 6 year old.  I absolutely love it.



I just love toddler talk. That Rylee is precious. And I love those gripe-free play sessions – bliss is the word!!


I was just thinking of how sweet Rylee was yesterday with her concern for me and that Isaac have someone to play with him. Thanks again for everything!


Oh my, that is precious. She has such a sweet heart. Really, warm honey does sound nice 🙂


I’m with Kyler on the honey adventure!