Round 2-out with four

It took a couple weeks to gear myself up for trekking out again with my brood of four. But we handled to zoo today very well. More open spaces to run is what made it so much easier.

Berries? I have no idea what these berries below are but before I knew it Rylee was eating one-she won’t do that again-they stained the whole sleeve of her shirt as she quickly spit it out.

Group hug with Caleb and Rylee and our friends Thomas and Aidan-no one cried, amazing!

Are you tired of this face yet? I’m not-this is trademark Kyler…

Mental note for next time-don’t let Rylee wear light khaki pants to the zoo to climb trees in-they will never be the same…



Looks like lots of fun!! You are amazing…can’t believe you took all four!! Remember how stressed I was at the zoo with just Quinn and Donovan?