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Kyler – Daddy, coffee, me, fweeeese?

Me – OK. (I warm up some coffee and put in some egg nog for some flavoring for him)

Kyler – Keem, Daddy Keem.

Me – What’s keem Kyler?  Can you show me?

Kyler – (as he’s opening the fridge and pointing up to the half and half) Keem Daddy, Fweeese?

After I set him up, I left the room for a bit to try to get Audrey to sleep.  When I came back, he had the chocolate syrup out and says to me – put in here Daddy?

Our native Seattle-ite, already learning the art of the perfect cup of coffee!



Wow you sure are starting him young… haha 🙂


SO cute! And, yes, you are definitely starting him youg!