Raspberries = best fruit in the world

Guess that’s just a matter of opinion but its truth for me.  Be they fresh picked and eaten in the fields, made into scrumptious cobbler, pureed into smoothies, frozen into sorbet or eaten over ice cream…they are my very favorite summer treat.

I was a little late posting about strawberries but here is the raspberry info BEFORE the end of the much-too-short picking season.

As I said before, our top-pick, Harvold’s in Carnation sustained large scale crop damage and will just have a handful of berries this year.  So some other good options are:

Bolles Organic Farm in Monroe.  425-875-9878 – Nice family run place.  Beautiful location.  Most expensive I’ve seen at $15 per three pound half flat but they are certainly generous on the ‘half flat’. Full force picking by next Monday he said today.

Broers Farm in Monroe. 360-794-5778 – They use natural practices but aren’t organic certified.  Berries expected end of this week or early next (around July 18-20).  Much cheaper that Bolles at $1.50 per pound.

Ebey Island farm in Everett – slim picking this year, they’ve lost a lot of their crop she said today.  But if you happen up that way, you can always call 206-390-7938 and see if they’re open.

Biringer Farms in Arlington – 425-259-0255 They expect to be in full swing with raspberries by about July 20-22 depending on weather.  We got awesome strawberries here last year but this year will be our first try with their raspberries.  Cost unknown, around $2 a pound I think.

Happy picking!


Tom & Kristin McKinnon

You are making me crave fresh berries!!!! There is nothing like ’em. Remember that one time we went strawberry picking and we were told to have our children stop eating them?!


Ha, yes! Isn’t eating them half the reason people go to pick them in the first place?!?

Amanda Harmon

Used to work at a smoothie joint in high school and one of my favorite recipes had raspberries!! 12 ounces cranberry juice, 3 scoops frozen raspberries (or 2 scoops frozen raspberries and a scoop of frozen blueberries), 2 scoops of raspberry sorbet or sherbert and 2 scoops of ice. Blend and it makes a 24 ounce smoothie. YUMMMMMM, sweet and tart but not too much! I’d like one right now! I love to add raw goat’s milk too for the extra calcium and leave out half of the juice.


We will most certainly have to try that next week…though I’ll make sure and call it a dessert so they don’t decided to reject my kale-spinach-raspberry-flax oil-kefir-chia seed-banana smoothies!!!