Pizza and Root Beer

Baby Bump

We are still waiting for the sixth member of our family to arrive. Her due date is not until May 16th, but we are definitely ready, especially Karissa. We just can’t wait to meet this little girl. A number of people have given us ideas, tips, or tried and true methods for bringing about labor, but so far, all has been done in vain. We thought Mother’s Day would be a great day to meet this little gift from God, so we tried a few of these tricks of the trade. The first was spicy food – Karissa went out to lunch with her Mom and sister for some Thai food and ordered extra stars to increase the spice factor. Nothing happened. That evening, following the advice of a “never fail” method, I picked up some peperoni pizzas and Karissa had Root Beer and Pizza. Again…nothing. Actually in an odd way we were grateful for nothing after realizing what all that in one day might do to one’s digestive system. So now we wait. And my beautiful wife and her baby “bump” hopes today is the day.




wow…you are making me look bad!! i haven’t posted on my blog in forever!! yikes. k looks so cute, but i know cannot wait for this little girl to come!! it’s time for another niece 🙂