Overheard theology

This morning…

Audrey: “Did you know God never, ever, ever, ever-?”

(I listened intently to learn what God never, ever did)

Kyler: “colors.  I know.  He never ever colors.”

Audrey: “But he rode on a donkey!”

Rylee: “Yeah, a wild donkey, unbroken.  Totally untrained.  He did.”

Audrey: “That is so hilarious Rylee.”

Mama:  “How do you know God never colors?”

Audrey:  “I just do.  He can’t color.  He needs to protect us.  So he can’t.”

(love this matter-of-fact-ness)

Mama:  “Well, how do you know he rode on a wild donkey?”

Audrey:  “I’m not sure, but I think we read it in the Bible or something.  That’s how I know he protects us.  We read it mama.”

Kyler (leave it to the brother to think of this!):  “Yeah, he protects us all the time from people trying to steal and snatch us.  He does.”