Overheard in the kitchen…

Audrey (who is potty training and wearing panties): “I leaked, yeah I did.”

Kyler: “You can’t leak if you don’t have a diaper on.”

Audrey: “No I did, I leaked.”

Mama: “Did you pee?”

Audrey: “No, I leaked.”

Kyler: “Yeah, it’s just water on her chair.”

Audrey: “No, I did, I leaked.”

Kyler: “It’s just…uh no, its not water.  I just licked it.  It’s pee for sure.”

Mama laughs so hard she cries while taking wet clothes of potty training girl and Kyler can’t wipe the look of terror off his face in realization of what just happened.




Oh man I just got a good laugh out of this.


Um, I am crying from laughing so hard. That is disgusting and hilarious.

Jon Sween

Oh my we are cracking up. too funny.


Wow – I needed that big laugh. Just glad Kyler is such a good sport! I do love that boy.