Our Phoenix adventure in pictures

After hanging around home the first couple days we ventured to a man made waterfall that the kids waded in and climbed up and down, it was a blast for everyone

boys with rocks
girls wading
kids wading
on the wall
kyler audie

We also enjoyed several walks to a man-made lake near my friend Kristin’s house.  The kids loved walking on the trail along the water and playing at the park there.  It was so fun to wear flip flops and shorts for a whole week…in November!

rylee and elise
kids at water
kids in sand
crazy kyler
tired audie

We partook in MANY battles with everything from swords to brooms to sticks to fishing poles serving as weapons of choice in the backyard.  Just playing in the little pool was fun too!

kids sword fighting
rylee thomas
in the pool

There were countless legos played with and Elise must have had her hair done by Rylee twice a day or more….Rylee also loved reading (and making up stories) to anyone who would listen

rylee reading
thomas and caleb legos

I lost my camera cord so I can’t download my own pictures (of which there are few) but the one of all 9 of us eating at In n Out Burger is priceless.  This last one though is a good indicator of the week from my perspective.  It was 6 PM, we were bike riding with the kids as the sunset.  I’m a little hot and sunburned and I had just made myself a fresh pot of coffee to get through the evening…

mama and audie



good for you karissa! i’m so afraid to fly with my kids alone, but that flight paid off- there was fun had by all 🙂 what great memories…


Do you have plans to fly alone with your three? If you do, oh my, your flight time would likely be astronomically longer than mine! You must tell me when and I will pray for you…I absolutely believe that is the only reason both flights went so well. There was a crew praying me through both ways!


What fun!! I love all the pictures – – looks like the kids had a blast with each other! I can’t wait for Kristin to move back 🙂


That’s it. I’m moving to Arizona. Shorts in November…sounds fine to me! A few years ago we spent Thanksgiving week with James’ grandparents in Sierra Vista, AZ and we were in the pool EVERY DAY! Love that Arizona sunshine!