Our homeschool year

This post is as much for me as it is to share, as I type it out one more time it helps me see the flow and get (more) excited for what is to come.

The new school year holds more for me as teacher-mom than ever before.  I have 4 official students this year (though trust me, Phineas is definitely a learner, he is outside right now watching brother search for caterpillars and giggling every step of the way!).  While I am fighting the temptation to hyperventilate while I finish up our schedule, I am honestly really excited for all that is to come.

Here is our synopsis for this 2012-2013 Strovas family school year:

History:  Story of the World Vol. 2: The Middle Ages – This is our history ‘spine’ and we will do all sorts of fun and interesting activities and mapwork and reading in relation to where we are on the timeline.   Each of the oldest three will create a history notebook to chart time and collect their work as we go.

Reading:  Hard to list a curriculum here for the olders, I can’t keep enough books on hand for them to read.  They will be offered a continual feast of quality books that challenge their reading and thinking.  For Kyler and Audrey we are going through the PAL reading program from the Institute for Excellence in Writing which looks to be a great deal of fun and I am thrilled to get some focused fun/learning time with the two of them.

Geography:  no specific curriculum, but plenty of it built into other subjects

Grammar:  Daily Grams workbooks for Rylee and Caleb, First Language Lessons with Kyler at a leisurely pace…but at these ages my much more experienced friends assure me that reading excellent literature and observing good grammar is more important than crazy amounts of grammar drilling.

Bible:  For Bible as a subject, we are excited to try something new and use the Picture Smart Bible materials.  Each day the kids will listen and observe and follow along with me in creating a ‘picture’ of every book of the Bible.  My dad would love it, he has a penchant for diagrams and really it’s like a beautifully written diagram of each book.

Science:  We are using Answers in Genesis this year.  Starting with The World of Animals in fall, then The Human Body in winter and in spring we will do The World of Plants.  It is perfectly suited for varied ages and teaches Creation science in a wonderful way.  The oldest three will keep a science notebook to catalog their studies in this area.

Writing/Copywork:  There are abounding opportunities to practice writing, but specific writing practice will be given daily in correlation to history and literature studies.  The oldest two are in a literature co-op this year where they will develop their writing skills a great deal I expect!

Math:  Rylee and Caleb are using Teaching Textbooks (which we LOVE) this year while Kyler (and Audrey as she is interested) will dive into Right Start Mathematics (hands on, lots of games, I think it will be great) .  All are well suited to the kids that are using them….at least as well as I can tell.  Some of my students do not love math at all and no curriculum in the world could change that!

Spelling:  Trying something new here in this department this year, Spelling Power looks promising and the only way to find out is to give it a try.  Sequential Spelling didn’t work too well last year.

Art and Music study:  With one focus a week, we will talk and observe and learn about either a famous artist or composer.  But as often as possible (think daily!) we will go about our learning with a smattering of classical music, just because we can!



You were born to do this! I know you’re giving them the best on so many levels.