Our first day

Despite a rough start (for me) after a night up with Kyler rolling around in my bed since 1AM and the rest of the kids mysteriously getting up at 6:30, very unusual-we had a great first day of school at home. Rylee asked me how long we were going to do ‘school’ and my answer was, as long as we want to and I explained that really all of life is learning and my deepest heart’s desire is for our kids to embrace that truth and enjoy taking in everything that life and the One who gives life, is.. That’s the beauty of what we’re doing, we can do what we want and toss what doesn’t work.

Kyler’s highlight? Calling out bingo letters for consonant bingo as I whispered the letters into his ear-cutest thing ever!

Caleb’s highlight? Decorating his special 3 ring binder that will house all his art and projects in the months to come. He ‘hid’ a car by gluing it behind another picture, called it a sports car…but it was the new Honda Odyssey, oh well.

Yesterday Rylee: “Mom, I wish I could do out and about homeschool. I don’t want you to be my teacher, maybe Dee Dee could be my teacher?”

My thoughts? What in the world is ‘out and about homeschool’ in her 5 year old mind and okay that’s not very good for my fragile ego…

Today Rylee: “Mom, this day has been so fun with you, what’s our next activity?”

My thoughts? So thankful that she gets to ask me that question instead of her kindergarten teacher and so glad for the start of the journey and all the patient and wise answers from my beloved friend Kim as I tried to figure out how we were going to do this. Fully expecting bad days and tears and struggle and lots of imperfection but fully ready to dive in anyway. Isn’t that just the way life works?



You are a brave lady!! I am sure that everything will go great and I can’t wait to hear all the stories. Also, mom just told me about the little adventure that was last night…..oh, our family these days!!


Out and about homeschool, I love it! So fun, we made notebooks too and the boys are soo proud of them. Reuben doesn’t understand yet that his notebook can hold more than one paper, so with every new activity, he tears out his old paper and puts the new one in. Oh well! oh, ps, I am STEALING your consonant bingo idea! love you!


Where do I sign up to learn how to have structure and homeschool with a 2 year old and a baby along with the almost 4 year old????? You are so creative to have Kyler call out the letters – love it!
(Oh, and let Caleb keep thinking an Odyssey is a sports car – could save him money when he gets his license. 🙂 )