Our farm adventure

Rylee adores baby animals.  Really that is a huge understatement.

She recently told me “Mama, when I grow up and have my own farm, like Holly, you can come visit anytime.  You can milk my goats.  I know you love goats Mama.  Audrey will be there too, she will be my helper farmer.”

Today was I’m quite sure one of the best days of her life.  Instead of walking around the zoo, looking at animals from afar or going to a ‘pay farm’ where we could maybe pet through the fence, we traveled just under two hours in the car to a tiny town south of the Canadian border (seriously, the sign said 12 miles to the border town).  My dear friend Kim called her friend Janine and asked if we could come up and venture around their place for a while.  So that is what we did.

There was a litter of puppies, baby pigs, chicks, baby bunnies, cats, ducks, dogs, a cow and calf and LOTS of room to roam.  The pictures tell the story, so here you go:


As you can see, everyone had a great time.  Rylee spent about 3 solid hours hands on with little animals.  She stopped quickly to eat but that was it.  Kyler explored the tool/workshop area after a brief attempt at feeding bunnies and ducks.  He found the pressure washer to be a great giant gun and asked to start the John Deere at least a dozen times.  What about Caleb?  Disappeared to the (large) creek without telling us, so that he could throw rocks in, held bunnies with Rylee for a long time, played with puppies and jumped on the big trampoline.



SO CUTE!! I wish I could see ALL the pictures you took!! Those are so precious. I bet the kids had a blast 🙂 Wish I could have been there….


What a wonderful day. When I see pictures of your children all I can see is compassion in there eyes. What a kind bunch you have!


Thanks for coming up! It was quite the morning we had with 12 kids running helter skeleter all over the place! I think it would be fun to start a family farm/petting farm… my friends tell me I should… we will see! I will link your blog! Take care,


Thank you so much for making the drive, I hope your trip home was as uneventful as possible! Such lovely photos, the one of Rylee & the bunny is my favorite! Thanks for a great day and lots of new memories. xo k

Barbara Finnegan

Awesome pictures! What great memories this trip will have for your family! I loved being on our Larson grandparents’ farm every summer and hated to leave. Farms are great. Come to the Shenandoah Valley sometime and we’ll do farms.


Oh my! What a special time! I got emotional looking at the photos, partly because I miss you guys, and partly because it was so evident how much the kids loved being there. My favorite is the pig with Rylee. How many kids would let a full-size pig get that close?! I’m going to do a farm search for my kids now that you’ve inspired me. 🙂 (Hopefully its not filled with snakes and scorpions, our most recent topic of interest.)


The bunny picture is my favorite too! Super cutie!


That looked like a great day. Aunt Barb is so right! We have our best memories at G-ma Larson’s farm in Kansas.


yeah, I just did my first link..and it was to your blog and it worked!