Our fall family pumpkin adventure

  • Gearing up for our annual family pumpkin adventure with Dee Dee and Buzz and this year Isaac too!

    Kyler was serious in his anticipation of the tractor ride to the pumpkin field…

    But once we got there, he warmed up and had some lovin’ for his mama…

    Watching Caleb run free in the tall weeds, I told Christopher “If that boy had land and tasks every day, he’d probably never have another tantrum”. He is SO happy being free to roam and having a job to do-can you find him in this picture?

    His job? Finding tiny pumpkins hidden under huge leaves!

    Rylee loved the tire swing and wore out Dee Dee asking to be pushed…

    Puckering up for a fly-by kiss for Mama

    That’s about it-good fun had by all…what about number four? Not to be forgotten, Audrey enjoyed the day snuggled up with her Daddy in the frontpack!



    Okay, I am almost in tears. I would have done anything to have been there. Next year…deal? The picture of Audrey is so sweet. Every picture is so sweet. How fun that they had a cousin to join them this year! Maybe in a few years they will have another cousin or maybe another uncle….who knows 🙂
    So glad you like all I’ve done with my blog. I adore it now, which I think will make me want to post more…good for everyone! Love you.

    Kristin McKinnon

    What adorable photos!!!
    Would you believe we’ve never been to a pumpkin patch??


    plucking everyday just ensures that there won’t be any stray hairs left behind!
    also, i don’t know four other people that have a blog! i would have done that part if i did. sorry!


    How FUN! Very cute pictures!


    i love the pumpkin patch! Why don’t they have them in Australia? That is one thing that i just really miss about home. You guys look like you had a great time!


    Oh that looks like so much fun! And the kids are as cute as they always are. I cant believe how big Audrey is getting. I hope you all are doing well! I miss the whole family very much!

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