Organization-it sure feels good!

I don’t know what inspired my husband to attack a project I’ve been aching to have done for a long time but I’m sure thankful.  I wish I had a before to show you but the after photo is so nice that it’s okay.  This kind of thing isn’t usually his cup of tea, but he did a wonderful job and my life is easier because of it.

I think he’s pretty amazing by the way 🙂

In our family room (used to be garage) we have a closet that holds all our homeschool stuff (most of which are hand-me-down random things or from the thrift store).  It has been a disastrous mess for over a year.  And thanks to some very sturdy new shelves, now it looks like this:


Besides having this great closet, I’ve been adopting some ideas from simplemom, one of my favorite mom sites.  Namely her daily docket.  It has only been a few days but it has made a radical difference in the flow of the day for me.  I was printing them out at first but now am writing out the next days ‘docket’ before I go to bed in a lovely Moleskine journal.  Now, if I can just stick with it for the magical “it takes 21 days to make a habit” principle!

Homemade play dough was on Monday’s docket, and it blew me out of the water how much fun it was.  Super messy at first, I thought we did it wrong, but we’ve now spent hours playing with our super soft new play dough.  The kids shirts had to come off in the sticky mess phase then they imprinted nearly every body part onto their play dough:


The kids were trying to mold their backs in this photo!  Next time we will try a different recipe but goodness this sure was fun.  After the fact I checked another one of my favorite sites, especially for great ideas to do with the kids and there was a recent article about play dough with some super fun twists.  We’ll give it a shot next week I think!



WOW!! I have the before picture in my head, and that looks amazing!! You do have a very sweet husband 🙂


I love organization!! Being organized take the stress level down so much doesnt it! What a sweet hubby.

Julie Huebner

Okay, this is random…sorry! Awhile back you had some pictures of some adorable diapers/diaper covers on here that you had gotten for Audrey. I can’t find the post on your site, and I wanted to order some before Maggie arrives! Could you tell me what that website is again? Thank you so much! By the way, are you happy with them, and would you recommend them?


Julie-I thought I had your email but can’t find it if I do….if you click on the ‘diapers’ tag on the left, that will get you to the post with the diaper picture and a link to Amanda’s online shop. They are hands down my favorite, best fitting, best working and top-of-my-diaper stack dipes. In case that doesn’t work, the link is Ooooooh, I just clicked over and she’s having a 20% off sale-hop on over there and find yourself something cute!


So did everyone see those labels? I always know to give her some room when she busts out the label machine. If I get too close I know I will get “husband” slapped right on my forehead! 🙂

Julie Huebner

Thank you so much! Just bought some…great sale! Thanks for your help!


AWESOME! After we move I’m going to look at it again for inspiration. Forgot to email you back that we can’t go to the zoo tomorrow because we’d planned to go Saturday with Julia. Thanks for the invite!