On the mend

Hopefully this isn’t jumping the gun but I think Audrey is on the upswing today.  She started eating again about 3 AM after about 35 hours of just a few ounces of milk.  I feel like I held my breath for a whole day as I waited and watched and really hoped we weren’t headed for another few days in the hospital that would this time include Christmas.

Between the snow and her not feeling well, it hardly even feels like it’s almost Christmas around here.  We haven’t done the homeschool projects that revolved around Christmas, we sledded every day instead.  Snow days aren’t the same either with a commission job instead of salary, definitely changes the perspective a little bit!  We haven’t done much of our baking either.  There has been so much change for us the past two months that I still feel my head spinning and it’s hard to figure out how to move forward sometimes.

It used to be a long list of expectations on our time during the holiday season of where we needed to be, now we have total freedom to be and do what we’d like to.  That is wonderful but still so different and strange.

Trying to smile.  Thankful for an eating baby.  Remembering to just breathe.  Comforted that Jesus came and He understands it all even when I don’t.




Im glad she is feeling better. Things do get difficult at times, but everythign works out in the end. Enjoy the next storm comming


Hugs =)


Hooray for sledding every day! 🙂 We’re praying for your little one. Merry Christmas. 🙂


Thats very good news to hear. I hope I can come by before the snow is gone and go sledding with the kiddos.


I’m SO glad she is doing better. I want to see a photo of Mackenna sledding with your kids!!! We just went sledding for the first time today and the kids were elated. Gotta go work on a Christmas project now…

Aunt mar

Merry Christmas Strovas’! -a very white one! And we’re glad little Audrey has perked up. I remember how sick little Christy would get before we realized what was causing it! Babies are so tiny! Wish we could see all your babies before they get big!!

Today we received your Christmas package…the one that we had sent to you!! Sorry, it had your old address on it and so it didn’t find you and came all the way back to us!! So there is a gift in it that you may want – and we can forward to you by email or phone, but we don’t have those.

We leave for Cape Town in the morning with our whole family; we are so excited! Love you, Aunt Mar


I hope Audrey is still doing better. 🙂