On target?

Have you ever sat together with your spouse to dream/envision what your home would be like?  I can recall many conversations that Karissa and I have had over the years about what type of home we want to have.  One of the consistent desires of ours would be having the home that our kids like to hang out in with their friends.  Usually when thinking about this, it involved thoughts of teenagers, movie nights, and coming to our place after prom, etc.  [On a side note, I just about died when I thought about either of my sweet little

Our two beautiful princesses!

girls going to prom.  Yikes.]  With the completion of our sideyard, we are beginning to see this desire of ours become a reality.  Everyday since it has been completed, our yard has been full of neighborhood kids either roasting marshmallows, running around with noodles, or playing in the pool, big toy, sandbox, or the grass.  I guess we have about 6 years to budget for the big screen TV…Enjoy the Rylee and Audrey picture taken this morning!  By the way, the only way they’re going to prom is if I am their date.




I wouldn’t worry about the prom dates, they have two brothers to terrorize any prospective suitors.


Maybe Jorgenson can take Audrey.


Well you guys are doing great, the way I figure it, we need about 6 years of budgeting to even afford the HOUSE!