On adding zest

So my husband has convinced me that I should share with you a website that has encouraged me and challenged me in good ways….and even though ‘you’ involves my Grandma and my husband’s precious mother – I decided to oblige.

Adding Zest to Your Nest is a website whose purpose is to create a safe place for women to discuss their sexuality as Christians.  They believe (and I do too) that sex should be a delight, a treasure, and a gift wives get to share with their husbands.

In my opinion, reading and writing about this subject shouldn’t be taboo in Christian circles, it just needs to be done in an honoring, respectful way.  Which granted, in our culture of totally distorted sexual ideals, is easier said than done.   But I firmly believe that not addressing issues of sexuality is not the answer at all.

While I would prefer to chronicle our family life and ‘scrapbook’ through my blog, I prefer even more to be obedient when I feel God is asking me to do something.  Writing is that thing.  So that is why if you click here, you can find the article I wrote this past week as a guest on Adding Zest.



I love your obedience and your openness to share what is so close and personal. This is not the first time it has spurred me on. Thank you.