Oh motherhood…

There are so many high and low points in any given day.  It is hard sometimes to ride it out. The ups and downs of this life never cease to amaze me.

One day I’m serving up a lovely impromptu tea party for your girls and the next day I am driving home from a failed Costco trip and informing a 7 year old that his crying sounds like a dying horse.

One minute I’m giving a silly analogy for something and the next someone is sobbing because they took personal offense to the example given.

Someone is laughing and someone is crying at the very same time.

One person finds my dinner wonderful and another refuses to eat until tomorrow.

One second I’m at the end of my rope (again) with a boy then when I can’t find him for ten minutes and my mind runs a mile ahead of me and I’m sure I’ll never see him again.  All I can think in my panic is that the last thing I said to him was that he sounded like a dying horse.

Someone is doing math and loving it.  Someone else is doing math and hating it.

I’m up early and alone and get settled into my chair and breath a deep sigh.  Thirty seconds later the pitter patter on the hard floor tells me it was short lived.

A little boy is blessing me by doing the dishes.  A glass bowl breaks in his chubby hands.

Everyone is playing an elaborate game nicely in the front yard.  Until someone puts Audrey in the wheelbarrow and promptly (accidentally) dumps her onto the pavement.

I can scarcely keep up with it all.

And sometimes, I’m not okay with that.  But really – these are the ways my life is being shaped and changed and blessed.  In learning to roll with the rhythm of each day and choose to be thankful for how it plays out.