I love hearing big words out of little mouths…

Rylee (on the way home from an egg run to the grocery store): “Mom, look McDonald’s is still open.”

Me: “Yes, they are open all night long.”

Rylee: “When do the people sleep? Do they eat there?”

Me: “Different people work different times, and yes they get free food when they work.”

Rylee: “We don’t eat there much because it’s not nourishing.”

Me: “That’s right, it would make us sick to eat there every day.”

Rylee: “You make lots of nourishing things for me. Your mom must have taught you about nourishing. She taught you all the things that nourish me. You know lots about nourishing.”

Me: “I try to, that’s my job. Yes, Nana taught me lots of good things. She taught me lots about nourishing.”

Sweet little girl. Glad to be the one who nourishes her heart and body.



That is precious! There is truly nothing cuter than hearing little kids say big words….I love it. Love you so much my sweet sister and missing you terribly.

Kristin McKinnon

SO cute! Hey, did you see that movie about the guy who ate nothing but McDonald’s food for a month? It wasn’t good. When I was pregnant the smell of this place made me especially sick (even seeing the sign did the trick). Anyway, I love how you are teaching your kids about nourishment. It makes me realize that’s a good word to teach my boys. You are always inspiring me in my mommyhood!


Hmmm…me too…my boys don’t know that word either. Though this morning at breakfast, Reese said, “Look at me Mom, I’m a Nazi singing ‘Indiana Jones’ da da da da, da da da…” and Reuben said, “Me Mom, I Nazi, I sing Injun Jones!” ….Does that count??? Is that good parenting?????