Not Me Monday

Life’s been a bit heavy for “Not Me Monday” but I’ll join in this week.  Hoping for brighter days and just a little bit of peace this week.

I did not buy a package of peanut M&M’s for my husband only to bring them home, set them on the counter, look at them for 3 hours then finally cave and open them.  Upon opening them and eating a small handful, feeling guilty on caving since I’m working extremely hard to eliminate refined sugar from my diet, I certainly did not give the entire remainder of the package to my 22 month old baby.

I also did not buy chocolate for a friend who was watching my kids, forget to hand it to her as she left then give it all to my other kids so that I wouldn’t eat it myself.

I did not read Frog and Toad’s “The Cookie” story in bed at night to my husband and laugh all the way through it.  I certainly don’t have a  favorite quote from a children’s story but if I did it would take place after they spend the whole story trying not to eat all the cookies they made:

We may not have any cookies left Toad, but we have lots and lots of will power!

To which the delightfully neurotic Toad replies,

You can keep your will power, I’m going home to bake a cake!

I definitely did not feed my kids corn dogs two times in one week.  As Audrey would say “Ewwww!”.

I did not spend $70 at the laundromat washing clothes and bedding doing a bit of spring (flea) cleaning.  That would be insane.

I am sure that my kids did not brush their teeth only twice this week.

I am not embarrassed that most of this post is about food.  I do not even like food. 🙂



Nothin’ is wrong with a lil bit of chocolate!! 🙂

I don’t like food either, don’t worry.


I also dont like food, especially chocolate!!!


Me three 🙂


Too funny. I totally would have (not) eaten the chocalate too!


What a cute family!

Chocolate just makes life’s little stresses easier to manage : )


I love you. You’re positively awesome.


I can totally relate. If I don’t come home from VA and sitting in the hospital all day, I will have to roll off the jetway – and I don’t mean in a wheelchair.


I love chocolate. Food for the soul, especially dark chocolate. It’s all my mother’s fault.

Jenn M.

I certainly have *no* idea what you are talking about. 😉