Not Me Monday

Confession almost always leaves me feeling better…so joining in with MckMama’s weekly fun, here are some things I ‘didn’t’ do this week!

I certainly didn’t hone my pancake making skills at 10 PM on a Saturday night in hopes to win a pancake duel set for Sunday morning with my husbands boss.  Nope, no pride here.

I am totally NOT ridiculously excited to be leaving my children (for the first time ever) for three days starting this Friday to fly to Denver for a conference on mothering with my favorite mom-author Sally Clarkson.

With crisp, clean white sheets on our bed and a fluffy new, white duvet I must have been temporarily out of my mind when I so did NOT  spill finish my glass of red wine in bed as my husband and I watched the last season of 24 on DVD (no TV remember? so movies in bed are how we roll).  Jack Bauer, white bedding and wine definitely do not make a good combination.

I did not do my best to appease my 5 year old by singing (at his request) the Star Wars anthem.  It’s not a singing song, no words.  But somehow he asks every day for me to sing it 🙂

I did not break our house rules and run around our home like a crazy person with my kids as fast as possible for almost an hour to try to avoid going nuts after days and days of pouring rain.  Certainly not.

I have not gone to six stores looking for tall black boots.  I did not get super embarrassed trying on said tall boots (and not being able to get them on) at one store because they seem to all be made for skinny-legged ladies.  What’s a roundish mama who wants fun black boots to do?!



Just came over from mcmama’s Cute not me monday post!


LOL! Love the boot story!


I know what you mean about the boots! I feel ridiculous trying them on, like I don’t know the proper way, and then I can’t pull them up all the way!


Nice Not Me’s! Don’t get me stared on boots. If it weren’t enough that I have humongous size 11 feet, I also have unusually round (as you put it) calves. Boots are not for me!

Hope you have fun here in Denver this weekend. Looks like the weather will be nice, if cool.


I am ridiculously excited with you!!! Can’t WAIT to see you on Friday morning!! So sorry about the bedding…but sitting in bed sipping wine w/ 24 & a husband does sound pretty good…except for the spill part.


Wow, I have the same problem with boots! It is so sad 🙂


Who won the pancake duel?! I keep meaning to ask! I’m quite curious if the freshly-ground-flour chef won. And I’m also wondering after we move up how soon I can get you to make them for us. 🙂


It was deemed a tie due to incomparable pancakes…they were both so different, and so good. Next month is a lasagna competition-should be fun and yummy!

And I will make mine for you as soon as you can come for breakfast when you get up here!!!


Jack Bauer will do that to you.


🙂 Indeed.