Not Me Monday!

After a long week of entertaining and massive (wonderful) doses of family togetherness, we’re back to quieter (lonelier) days around here.

I am ever so thankful to be feeling better and after over a month am finally off antibiotics for my kidney infection!

I’m also thankful for fresh starts and a clean slate this week, my patience over the past seven days was more than slightly waning (just ask my husband).

Here is the conversation that so did NOT take place in my kitchen an hour ago:

Mama (rounding the corner in the kitchen – trying not to yell but squeaking slightly):  “Holy cow!  What have you done to my cabinet?  I had just organized all the dishes and tupperware exactly where I liked them all to be.  All the ones I use are in the back!  And all the ones I don’t use are in the front!  Why in the world did this seem like a good idea?!  How much time do you think it’s gonna take me to get this all back in order?  I’m so frustrated with you!”

Rylee (conscientious oldest child that she is):  “I was trying to find a baby bottle to feed my kitty some water Mama.  I’m so sorry.”

Mama:  “Go to your room please.”

Rylee: “I feel bad Mama, I’m sorry.”

I fuss and fret around the cabinet, take everything out, piles of dishes everywhere and have myself all upset.

Over what?

Dishes, tupperware?

Mama (to all four sitting on the kitchen floor with me): “Is anyone hurt?”

All: “No.”

Mama: “Is anything broken or lost?”

All (starting to smile again):  “No, no…”

Mama: “It’s just tupperware isn’t it?  They’re just dishes aren’t they?  Do you think mama needed to freak out about it and get all worked up about her cupboards being all mixed up?”

Caleb:  “Probably not Mom.  You can fix it.”

I am brought to my knees literally in front of all my children in my jammies on the dirty kitchen floor.

Mama: “I’m so sorry, will you all forgive me?”

All: “Yes, of course Mama.”

Next time, I resolve, I have got to think clearly enough to ask myself the questions that I sometimes forget until later…

Does this really matter?  Is this at all significant in the spectrum of life?  What am I communicating to my children when I worry about stuff that is so…small?  Why exactly am I freaking out about _________?  Could I laugh about this instead?

Goodness it’s hard work raising children, that’s about all I can say about that today.  I wouldn’t trade it for anything, but seriously it’s tough some days.



I’ve had those days!! Well to be honest I have had those weeks.

Don’t beat yourself up too badly. His mercies are new every morning:)

Have a great day!


Love the reality of your comments and willingness to let people into your heart. Love you.


Thanks so much for sharing! I can definitely use that wisdom at work in my classroom. Happy holidays!


I really love and value your thoughts. It is such a hard task to let things go, but I admire you for giving it a try each and every day!


also, the ease of forgiveness in children is something we could all learn a great deal from.