Not me Monday

Thank the LORD for Mondays, for do-overs and fresh beginnings…in MckMama fashion, here is my Not Me! list for this week.

I did not put an apple spice cake in the oven and wonder why, 20 minutes later I wasn’t smelling any ‘apple spice’ only to find that the oven was not turned on.  And this morning, I certainly didn’t feed such a cake to my children-not for breakfast!  I’m sure the lack of heat in the oven couldn’t be the reason it came out of the bundt pan looking like this:

October 2009 251

I did not use the word ‘freakin’ in front of one of my children while having an adult conversation and expressing my not-too-under-control emotions about something.

I did not utter these words sternly – “Why are we playing football with apples in my family room?”

Then 5 minutes later I also did not more sternly say – “Why are you playing baseball with the mini-pumpkin on the carpet?”  (As if off the carpet would have been any better…)

I did not have the inevitable “maybe we should send the kids to public school” talk after having an oh-so-less-than-wonderful-in-everyway kind of week around here.

I did not spend two blissful hours cleaning my house instead of reading a book and drinking coffee when my hubby took the kids for an outing.  No, I know when to take care of myself and when to obsess about CLEAN.

I did not realize for the millionth time that lest I think I have mastered some aspect of life, I have not.  The past always comes around and bites you in the rear, just when you least expect it.

I did not let my nephew and Audrey take bits out of every apple in the box this morning and then make applesauce with the apples…gross!  They are both too cute for their own good!

isaac and audie apples


Sandy Hop

Great post! Your kids are really adorable.


I totally would have made the applesauce too! I wouldn’t be able to handle the waste.

mrs boo radley

Oh, a few salivary enzymes never hurt anyone. Chomp away. 🙂 Enjoy the a-sauce!

You have cuuuuuute kids.


Just a little extra love from Audrey and Isaac 🙂 Hope this week is off to a better start….


I really can relate to this, especially in the friend and wife department.
Thank you for your comments on our blog, they have been very encouraging especially at certain times.

Your babies are beautiful!