Not Me Monday!

As always, it feels good to lay the honest truth about the week out there and there have been more less-than-wonderful moments this week than I’d care to admit.  Not Me Monday’s over on MckMama’s blog always offer perspective and make me feel a little better about my imperfections!


I did not assist a child (who shall remain nameless) on the side of a busy road in going potty while my sister handed out a dozen wipes from the van and tried not to laugh.

I did not take a nap on Sunday afternoon instead of clean and shop and do other responsible things that desperately needed to get done.

I did not manage to workout only twice this week despite my new goals of 6 days out of 7.  And along those lines I did not put off returning an email requesting I write some reviews for a new fitness video…deeming myself “not the right person” for such a task!!

I did not start laughing during said workout when my son asked “Why is there so much popping mama?” as he listened to my tired body try to move speedily 🙂

I did not question (only slightly) my ability to homeschool with many young children in my home.

I did not use dessert as leverage to convince my kids to eat a bowl of cucumbers, nope we just eat healthy for the fun of it… (nevermind that ‘dessert’ is the yummy protein cookies we’ve now made two batches of in one week!).

I certainly didn’t order pizza twice in 5 days.

I did not drink diet coke in a coffee mug so no one would ask to share, I love sharing my food/beverages/bathroom time/hairbrush/everything with my sweet children all day long 🙂

I definitely did not lament (only for a moment) that I have two budding readers at home and our ability to spell words that we’d rather not say out loud has just gone out the window!  Like at Red Robin on Saturday when my sister spelled S-E-X-Y and then both older kids started (loudly!) sounding it out.



funny funny funny! My favorite is the diet coke in the coffee cup!


I’m not sure what is my favorite…the coke in the coffee cup or the pizza twice in 2 days or your kids airing their fabulous spelling capabilities in public. Hee hee! (I might have to try the coffee cup trick – brilliant.)


Ha, those are great!

Thanks for the encouraging comment on my blog. I felt the heartbreak of your situation over here and had to come encourage you back! I’ve been where you are (and will probably be there again) and all I have to say is to hang in there and trust in the Lord’s faithfulness. You are “accepted in the beloved!”


Haha– lol!! That was so hilarious at red robin!! I was just crossing my fingers hoping they wouldn’t be able to sound it out!!


Love It!!! Thanks for sharing =)


oh i have so DONE the coke in the coffee cup! Mainly at dinner when i am making them all drink water!