Not Me Monday

Nothing earth shattering this week but since it always feels good to ‘admit’ to what I didn’t do, as part of MckMama’s weekly blog carnival…

I did not lick my daughters face when I found her messy with yogurt all over her cheek and could not find a napkin.

I did not have second thoughts about the fact that we got rid of our TV 2 months ago on a rough day when all I wanted was to stick a DVD on for my kids.

I did not have a tear filled meltdown (that lasted over an hour!)  when our homeschool co-op fell through.

I did not bribe my children with ice cream while we shopped at Costco.

I did not suggest we skip church and hang out as a family at the beach instead because I missed my husband so much and just wanted to exist with him and our children all together.

I did not decide that I should let our 3 year old have his binky in the car even though he shouldn’t even use a binky anymore…just so I don’t have to listen to his ‘car shriek voice’ that hurts my head.

I did not complete only 2 of my 6 days of the new workout I’m trying to do (you know, the one I paid $75 for just one “amazing”  DVD!!) because I hurt so bad I could barely move.

I did not let my kids eat leftover apple cake for breakfast so I could put this post up real quick!

I love Mondays.

I love fresh starts and another chance at getting things right that I didn’t last week.



I love that you licked your daughter’s cheek to clean up the mess, that’s great!!

Here’s to another great week of Not Me’s! It’s good to know we are all human.


Those are awesome. I love all of them! That’s so sad about the co-op. Have a wonderful week…. 🙂


Just hoppin by for a visit. Apple cake counts as healthy food, doesn’t it??? Works for me! Have a great week! Kathy


I happened through from MckMama’s site and I enjoyed your post.

I only have one child but I have often said that motherhood would most appropriately be called “the art of survival.” Some moments aren’t pretty but it’s just getting it done and moving forward so you can get to the beautiful moments with those kids!


OK, so thanks for sharing about the apple cake, the ice cream bribing, and everything else. You’re a good mom, so maybe I am still – hee hee. I’m sad about your co-op.