Not Me Monday!

It’s been a while since I joined in MckMama’s Not Me Monday, but thought I would today!

I did not find a two year old who had ‘gone dark’ in her room with a set of marking coloring all over her body in absolute silence.  She then did NOT spend 20 minutes trying to clean herself up!

I did not giggle my way through three days of our cat being in heat and watching the kids keep an eye out for possible boy cats in the yard, then laugh as they shoved her (an indoor cat) out the door since they don’t know the specifics but they know that to get baby kittens, a boy cat is required.  Oh my the questions that ensued…”Does the boy cat husband need to move in with us?”, “How long will he need to spend with her?” and “How will he know that she needs help when her kittens are born?”

I did not let our 7 year old paint the toes of our 2 year old while the brothers watched…much too young for that!

I did not smile with pride over the fact that I got bright blue crayon out of one of my husband’s favorite shirts.  That would be lame.

Upon discovering I fit into my old, favorite jeans, I certainly did not wear them for 3 days in a row.  Nor would I be wearing them today…

I did not kiss and snuggle my husband in a booth at Red Robin last night whilst our four children talked loudly, drew (mostly on the paper) with crayons and thank him for the gift they are.  Surely he didn’t respond with “You’d better get back to your side of the table, don’t you know what too much snuggling leads to?”

and lastly,

I most definitely did not fall asleep on the floor during my DVD exercise workout.  After 40 minutes of burning cardio, there is no way I was in the middle of crunches when I my 7 year old startled me by nudging my leg and saying ‘Mama, wake up…you fell asleep but you’re not done yet!”.  That would be embarrassing.



And I did not laugh after telling you I fell asleep trying to read email.


How can you get so much funny stuff in one post??? Clearly, this Monday beats last. Nice work on the crayon. Awesome about Audrey’s toenails!! Think of the skills Rylee is learning and how nice it is for the youngest one to still be waited upon… And the jeans…I say congratulations!


haha!!!! i love that you fell asleep– priceless. the cat questions were pretty awesome, too. oh kids…


Best “Not Me Monday” yet! Can’t stop laughing, loved them all!