Northwest Natives

There is no doubt about it, we are raising full blooded, native to the Northwest children. Friday we went down the local market for the last in a series of BBQ dinners and live music. It poured rain into Rylee’s hood as we huddled under the too-small tent meant to provide shade from the blazing sun not a downpour.

Today, we set out for a free ferry that transports people to a tiny, man made island where we spent the morning enjoying the cloudy, dark day.

Where is Caleb?

Much awaited fun with Nana and Papa

Rylee enjoyed building a princess castle and playing with the horses and knights while Caleb and Kyler enjoyed stomping on her moat, knocking the horses over, trying to run away with the knight and crashing into the castle with a giant monster truck. Poor girl! Thank goodness God gave Audrey to her, they will delight together in all things girl before I know it.



Oh, poor Rylee, she’s such a trooper! LOVE the pic of Kyler in the crib with Audrey–what a sneaky boy 🙂 Is Baby still sleeping through the night like a champ? I’m jealous! Does she give lessons to almost-nine-month-old baby boys?


Yes, she is still sleeping 10 hours every night but no, Audrey doesn’t give sleeping lessons-however, she’s really cute and she might want to marry sweet Sean someday…..even if he’s a bad sleeper!


Is that Jetty Island? I’ve been wanting to go there all summer.


Yep…Jetty Island was fun. Unfortunately you will have to wait until next July when it reopens. The first was the last day of the season. You gotta love free ferry rides.


They are so cute!! I love that they are game for playing in the cloudy and rainy days that are Seattle. In the midst of the nasty humidity and temp. close to 100, I am seriously missing those cloudy days, as well as all of you 🙂