Need a photographer?


This is just a tiny taste of what’s to come-I could not wait to share.  We recently, through another friend, found an incredible photographer who we actually new in jr. high/high school.  We were all through with mall photos and wanted something unique, something beautiful and something that captured our kids in their natural state instead of in a studio.  Alicia resides in Arkansas but has family here so spends a fair bit of time in the Seattle area.  My sister and I were both lucky enough to score photo shoots with her this past week.

I had high hopes and I haven’t even seen my own kids pictures yet but if they are close to as amazing as the ones of my nephew and sister and brother-in-law, they will be amazing.  Alicia still has time open later this month and I think again in late August/early September if you are in need of some incredible photos.

I shopped around a lot.  With some photographers costing nearly $1000 for session and print fees, Alica’s prices were extremely reasonable.  And more than that, she takes great photos, which after all is what matters most.

I can hardly wait to see the shots from the nearly two hours she spent with our four children.  She was brave.  And very, very patient.

If you want to see more, visit here and click on ‘blog’ for Alicia’s top picks.  If you want to see the whole gallery of Jorgenson photos, click on ‘website’ instead of ‘blog’, then ‘clients’ then ‘Jorgenson family’.


Seriously?  Look at those gorgeous eyes.

Can’t wait to see what those two come up with next-talk about a good gene pool…



Beautiful!!!My favorites are Isaac sitting in the puddle, the cousins sitting down, I belive Audreys rear is in the air. I actually loved them all! I cant wait to do ours soon!


Jenna- are you getting yours done by the same person? I agree, the one with Isaac in the puddle is adorable!!


Um, yes – – the pictures are amazing. I’m pretty obsessed with looking at them actually. I’ve been to her website several times today!
I’m super happy you are keeping basil, but I will miss seeing all of them running around! Kittens are just the cutest!