My ten year old boy

Dear Caleb,

You are ten.  You are complex and bright and curious and sensitive.  Your sense of awe at all created things never wanes.  You smell, listen and watch absolutely everything around you.  Your awareness sometimes may feel less than a blessing and seem just too much.  But as you grow, I have no doubt it will be one of your greatest assets and part of the unique and wonderful you.

You have stretched me, shaped me, grown me in ways that have exceeded what I thought I could bear.  You have shown me things about me and about life and about love that I’d have never otherwise known.  I know you love to be alone and would love to live in a tree but that for now, you live in a large family in a house.  I hope you find in the many years to come, that your place in this family is critically important.  You bring a heart, a mind, a voice to this community of sisters, brothers and your dad and I, that we are blessed to know.

Your love for reading runs to the core of you.  You literally can’t stop reading.  I want to be frustrated when you are right near me but have your face in a book and you can’t hear me.  But I honestly think you don’t.  You are immersed in the written word.  You are captivated by grand stories and great adventure.  What I hope you come to know better this year and in the next many years, is that your own story is grand and the God of the universe has a great adventure for you.  He designed you, understands you and that truth has given me such a grounded sense of peace when I haven’t been able to understand.

You work hard when I can peel you away from books.  You faithfully care for chickens and always help me with my farm chores with a happy heart.  You thrive when you carry with you a sense of purpose.   My love for you is a fierce one son.  You must know that.  Though I may not always ‘get it’, I always love you, more than you could possibly imagine.




Birthday boy with day old baby Daisy


TEN years old and so handsome!