My “Slim in 6” review

Well it’s been six weeks and I have a quick little product review to share tonight.   I was hoping to be able to give you an awe inspiring recap that justified my very first infomercial purchase.   It was supposed to “literally reshape your body in 6 short weeks”.

Yes, six weeks ago my promising DVD came in the mail.  True to form for any infomercial you feel like you are getting more than what you are paying for.  When I purchased it I declined no less than 10 extra offers of product enhancements and add on’s that were sure to guarantee my success but I felt like I was already getting several workouts on DVD and extra stretchy workout bands too and…wait for it…

A tape measure.  My very own.  Perfect for calculating the inches lost in just 6 weeks.  All valued at $375.  Really?

Such value I told myself.  Absolutely totally out of character for me, honest.  This video program would help me get the ball rolling and jump start my goals to lose some post baby weight before I add any more to the mix.  It sounded perfect for me.  I even had aspirations of doing a half-marathon by November with my new, even just a tiny-bit-more-fit self.  It was possible.  And I could do it.

True words I’m sure but I must share with you the truth of the matter six weeks after buying the spendy “Slim in 6” program.  {The one I was going to do while my hubby was working and not tell him so he could be totally wowed as the pounds just vanished into thin air}

I promised a simple, concise review and here you have it:

If you don’t open the plastic wrapper that the DVD comes sealed in and don’t do it even once in 6 weeks, it will not help your weight loss goals one bit. Your tape measure will not lie and in fact might add an inch here or there because, lets be honest those soft pink iced cookies from the grocery store and the ‘occasional’ donut added onto your coffee order have only added to the dilemma.

Goodness, I even bought new exercise shoes for the big new plan.  The other ones had seen four pregnancies in 6 years and definitely had done a good job for me-it was past time they be retired.  But I’m feeling a tad bit guilty that the only action my snazzy new Asics have seen is a fast walk through the neighborhood.

So there you have it.  Slim in 6 may be a great program and may be worth every penny (yes, I noticed I haven’t told you how much it costs) and it may transform some people into ‘slim’ in a few short weeks.

Just not me.

Not yet anyway, I am setting a new goal of starting the workouts next Monday.

What’s that?  Why not tomorrow?  Back in the saddle straight away?

Because people, I’ve never been IN the saddle to begin with.  I’m frankly no where near the horse.

And because I’m sure I have a few sugar binges left in me before I hunker down and work on things in a serious fashion.

I promise to post another (real) review in 6 weeks and let you know how it goes.  If I live through it.  Which is questionable for sure.



Karissa you are too funny! Definitely go for a few more sugar binges – that fits into my philosophy. Try to fit a few of your favorites in…hee hee. And I’m still reeling that you bought it – yes, a bit out of character!!! I’m still chuckling, but quite impressed that you are working on getting yourself in shape. When I run with the boys I get out of breath. Maybe you’ll inspire me.


Dying. Dying. Dying. Nowhere near the horse, indeed! Right there with you, sister!


You are so funny! I love your honesty. And I can relate!


I cannot stop laughing!! At least you actually bought it – – we were gonna do it together so you are definitely doing better than me. I’ve discovered a few addictions that are standing in my way of shedding a few inches…late night McDonalds run for sweet tea, a bagel with my morning coffee, etc. Love you!!

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First of all you are a fantastic writer! That review is great, and very funny.

Secondly I have a proposal for you. We are looking for good writers to help us review products and link to our website.

I’d like to give you a free copy of the 10 Minute Trainer by Tony Horton, and in return I’d love for you to write a few reviews just like the one above. (Well preferably if you actually opened the workout…lol)

Please email me to the email I left with this post. I’m not necessarily looking to get this comment published, I just could not find a contact on your website.



PS. Your family is beautiful. I have 2 amazing little girls. 26 months and 5 months old. They are the best!


Are we do an update soon? It’s about six weeks since your first post. If this works for you I will for sure buy the dvd 🙂

Jenn Bell

That’s so funny, I have bought a few workout dvds, and amazingly enought they have not slimmed me either, same thing I guess I actually have to watch them and do what they do..
I have been going to the gym, just not regularly! but I think a group fun run, and doing The Climb are great motivators.

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Marilyn Fairman

Great looking Blog! Found it through Google. Just as an FYI, it didnt display right when I opened it in the Opera Interet Browser.

maggie roper

some great info here
i am adding this to my bookmarks…

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