My Oh My


I really don’t know how it happened…therefore it must simply be the pure love of the game, but Kyler has fallen in love with the Mariners and baseball.  Karissa was at a garage sale the other day and picked up the VHS tape of the magical 1995 season put out by Eagle Hardware.  He just loved it, in fact, that day he had to have it with him when he took his nap.  The kids love watching it, especially Kyler, and so far he has seen it three times.  Secretly I love watching it too because it brings back fond memories of my own.  Plus, it is quite a fun thing to be able to share all the great stories of Junior (in his prime), Edgar, Randy, Buhner, and yes, even Luis Sojo’s inside the park homerun off Mark Langston.  If you need a ride in the way back machine, come on over and I am sure Kyler will share his video with you!



We have that video too! I pop in once every year or so…good memories.


So fun…what a great find for your little buddy!


That is super cute!! 🙂

Charissa Weirbach

Oh I love that video. We have it but I haven’t watched in forever. Maybe I should come watch it with Kyler.