My birthday timeline

Just for fun, we spent some time at the Urgent Care on my birthday eve to get treated for pink eye and ear infections which are making the rounds with all the kids.  It went as smoothly as possible and after trying 4 pharmacies, we found one open, got drugs and came home.

12 AM – happy birthday to me, I am blissfully sleeping
1:30 AM – wake up after sleeping less than two hours to Audrey crying and coughing her little heart out
1:31 AM –  I poke Christopher and ask him 5 times to get Audrey and bring in to our bed to sleep
1:35 AM – He says yes, gets up, goes to the kitchen, drinks a glass of water, returns to bed…without Audrey, mumbles about being thirsty and tells me Audrey is awake
1:40 AM – I am peeved and grouchy and feel entitled to birthday sleep, it’s been two weeks since my last full night of sleep, but I get her anyway

Fast forward and I spend the next two hours getting kicked and pushed out of my own bed by someone who weighs 23 pounds and coughs in my face every 5 seconds.  Every time I try to leave and sleep on the couch, 10 minutes go by and I hear the pitter patter of her little feet looking for me in the dark.

3:30 AM – We all finally sleep

4:30 AM – Daddy gets up to leave for work

7 AM – Rylee, 5 inches from my face, whispers “Happy Birthday Mama!”  to which I cannot even reply I am so tired and feel an unbearable headache and sore throat overtaking me

9 AM – I get up after half sleep, listening to the kids bustle and play around the house trying to let me rest, without me having even asked

9:30 AM – I make myself and the kids chocolate chip cookies for our breakfast and dole out antibiotics like they were candy

10 AM – try so hard to muddle through a phonics lesson and some read alouds while my eyes are wet because of such a bad headache and feeling so sick (which is the result of poor food choices all weekend, which I felt I deserved of course)

11 AM – muster every ounce of myself to take the kids to the park for an hour so they get enough energy out to take naps, we stop at my favorite coffee stand and get a free birthday coffee, unexpected and makes me smile

All the while, every five minutes someone is saying “Happy Birthday Mama!”,  “I love you Mama!” or “Let me hold your hand Mama”.  Kyler held a down tree steady for me while I crossed it so that I would ‘be safe’, melted my heart completely.  We prodded and examined a dead baby mole for 20 minutes.  Rylee informed me “Look here, see how it’s mouth is open?  It died screaming for it’s mama, how sad is that guys?”,  “Let’s see how many teeth it has.”,  “Can we open it up?”.

1:30 PM – sheer delight of naptime, three slept, one played and I rested as the headache finally waned

4 PM – we bust out the little DVD player, all settle onto the couch and watch Cinderella…I almost call Chris to say “Please do NOT bring home a cake for me”.  But I don’t.

5:30 PM – Daddy is home.  With Thai food take out for all and – yes, a HUGE birthday cake with my name on it.  Sigh.

We proceed to eat our food while two children are throwing the fit of the month and S-C-R-E-A-M-I-N-G for mama because they’ve been told they cannot have any cake right now.  The headache returns but I enjoy the thai food immensely.  I smile at the table across at my good-hearted husband who I’ve now been with for 16 years of my life and say “Happy Birthday to mommy!” with just a touch of sarcasm

6:15 PM – My dashing husband does an impressive cleaning frenzy and gets the house close to back in order
6:30 PM – I find out my sisters and parents are coming over

7 PM – We go for a quick walk to get us all some fresh air
7:30 PM – We lose Rylee and Caleb (on bikes) during our bike/walk, Chris runs all over looking for them then home to get the van, I try not to have a full blown panic attack
7:45 PM – We find them after about 20 minutes during which we both were more afraid than I think we’ve ever been

8 PM – Blood pressure still sky high from adrenaline, we have some birthday cake, relieved and glad to be all safe and sound

9 PM – Hopefully the birthday festivities are over and we can all go to bed

Truth be told, although it was not your typical birthday, it was a good day and I refused to have a pity party regardless of the days happenings.  I told myself more than once, “You are an adult, you know your friends and family love you.  You have much to smile about.”

So, smile I did.  On my oh-so-strange 32nd birthday.



Happy Birthday Karissa! You have been on my mind all day. May God continue to bless you in the coming year! 🙂


Oh my sweet sister…I love you. That’s quite a day indeed. Those minutes spent searching for the kiddos seemed like an eternity. All is well that ends well. We’ll try for a calmer celebration next year!