My back-to-school toolbox

We’ve been gearing up for weeks and have just one week left before our official first day of homeschool.  I have a 1st and 2nd grader this year along with a preschooler and toddler.  So in all reality I’ve spent all summer planning, pondering and purchasing what I need to at least try to set us all up for success.  Here are some ways we’re forging ahead:

  1. Menu plans – I am back to trying to do two weeks at a time, with built-in emergency/disaster day meals that are practically ready
  2. Grocery shopping alone on weekends – this really helps my sanity, running to the store for 3 things with 4 kids isn’t something I do well – and one big trip alone always costs us less than many smaller, unplanned trips
  3. Writing date nights and girls nights on the calendar weeks in advance – these two things have to be in place for me or the reality of my 12+ hour days alone with the kids puts me over the top (I learned this last year!)
  4. Housecleaner – with an ever-changing income this comes and goes but we agreed that it would be on the top of the list last September and although it was just a basic, every other week 2-hour clean – it helped stay closer to on top of life and blessed my husband as much as me (he likes clean, but he likes his family more – good thing!)
  5. A good purging – broken, old, uninteresting toys/books have made their way to the thrift store, some toys are put away for rainy days
  6. Practice this week at getting up early – our days go better when I’m up before the kids, but it’s really hard for me to do!
  7. An awesome planner – this year I’m using the Well Planned Day planner and I think its going to work very well
  8. Continued effort at exercise, even just 20 minutes a day I feel more energy and all my parts seem to work better 🙂
  9. Grace – it will be what ultimately pulls us through

For any who wonder what we’re using for school this year, I’ll post that later this week.  I always love reading what other mom’s are doing in their homeschool!



I have been absent most of the summer from the blog world, so I am just getting caught up on my favs!! Allow me to offer my congrats on baby #5!! What a wonderul blessing!! Best wishes on another wonderful school year. You are an awesome mom and teacher 🙂


What a great list!!
I’m so excited about the Well-planned Day Planner. It looks like just what I need and its beautiful too! Thank you so much for taking the time to blog it all. 🙂


great reminders! I’m going to give some of those try and look into that planner as well. I’m excited for school to start too and although we are sending the kids to public school I’m going to give it a shot at doing a preschool curriculum with owen at home so we will see how it goes!